Civil cases can take several months, or even years. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop during that time. Bills, rent or mortgages, and other living expenses can quickly pile up and you’ll need cash before the final ruling comes. That’s where pre-settlement funding comes in.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-settlement funding?
A pre-settlement loan is a cash advance to help you keep up with life while your legal settlement or judgment is pending. This is ideal for those having trouble meeting immediate needs, such as covering medical expenses in injury claims that have yet to be resolved. These funds can also help those whose cases have been resolved, but have yet to receive payments.
How does it work?
Pre-settlement funding is basically selling a portion of your potential proceeds of the lawsuit. It helps you get the cash you need while you wait for your court case to be finalized. True Vision Funding can provide you the cash advancement you need to keep life going.

Attention Maryland consumers, we do not offer "bonuses", "advances", and "pre-settlement funding" which would violate Maryland's structured settlement transfer law. Md. Code Ann., Cts & Jud. Proc. 5-1110(a)(2)&(3)


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