As a lottery or jackpot winner, you have to wait years to actually receive your earnings. But, it’s your money. Why should you have to wait for it? By selling your prize to True Vision Funding, you can obtain a lump sum payout to get your money when you want it. 


Benefits to Advancements

There are numerous benefits to lottery and prize winning advancements, such as:
  • The money could be worth a lot more than the initial payout if prudently invested.
  • No risk of unknown future variables affecting your payout. You’re guaranteed to at least receive the lump sum.
  • Allows you to enjoy the money while you still can.


If you’re seeking a cash payout on your lottery winnings, True Vision Funding offers flexible and customized plans to meet your specific needs. Call us today for an individually tailored analysis of your lottery prize winnings, and learn how you can get your cash in your hands now.

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