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Gaithersburg, MD, March 1, 2017 --( Today, True Vision Funding LLC (TVF), a leader in the financial services sector and Structured Settlements, announced the formation of a new division for the purchase of sports and music entertainment contracts, including the NFL – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) being a main focus.

Clinton Portis, former Washington Redskins running back and supporter for TVF echoed his sentiments. "As an ex-NFL player, I believe it's important for us to protect our futures. Head trauma has serious consequences among my peers in many cases. Through more education and studies, it's imperative for the future of NFL players and retirees to always be protected from an unknown disparity that may impact their future lives after the game."

"Due to my personal relationships with professional athletes. I understand the financial challenges professional athletes and artist face. Our company is uniquely qualified to help sports and entertainment professionals gain access to their funds. What separates True Vision Funding,” said TVF Founder, Aji Eapen, “is our world class personalized service while respecting confidentiality. The attributes that separate us from our competitors will translate well into the sports and entertainment sectors."

Tarun Mehta, at Alliance One Marketing, says, "True Vision Funding has been a preeminent figure in the settlement industry and has helped hundreds of clients access funds at reasonable rates. In a volatile industry, TVF represents a stabilizing force that gives comfort to their clients and credibility. "

TVF understands that parties may receive periodic payments in the form of Structured Settlements from an array of sources, which includes varying circumstances; ranging from a personal injury settlement to music royalties and sports contracts. The TVF team has a proven track record with a trusted approach of helping individuals gain financial freedom.

TVF is here to tailor the perfect transaction and give their clients the financial freedom they deserve.

About True Vision Funding, LLC

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, True Vision Funding, LLC (TVF) is a nationally recognized financial services firm that purchases structured settlement payments from individuals and offers one-time payments to lottery winners nationwide. TVF has proven itself as an industry leader in providing transparency with our customer focused services. For more information call 855-505-9258 or; visit



How A Structured Settlement Can Work For You

A structured settlement can be a great way to secure a guaranteed stream of future payments. This legal settlement paid out as an annuity rather than in a lump sum, normally has a number of benefits to both the recipient and the payer. The 2 parties especially the former can enjoy certain advantages as you will see in the subsequent paragraphs.

We normally use structured settlements for many different reasons such as providing settlement payments or rewards in form of cash stemming from lawsuits or lottery winnings. Interestingly, most lottery winners now prefer long-term annuity lottery payments to lump sum payments.
Reasons why You Should Go for a Structured Settlement Over a Lump Sum Payment

Should you be presented with both a structured settlement and lump sum payment options as a recipient, it would be prudent to go with the former. And here are the reasons as to why;

1) A Long-Term Financial Plan

It has been confirmed that people who receive lump sum settlements or lump-sum lottery payments normally spend everything within 5 years. Afterwards, many of them become dependent on the government or charitable organizations or their loved ones for support. This is however not the case with a structured settlement arrangement, the funds are paid throughout the beneficiary’s lifetime or an extended period of time.

2) Tax Benefits

A structured settlement may provide a recipient with a significant tax benefit. Most states consider lump sum settlements to be income and thus levy a tax on the payments. However, regular funds that are received from a structured settlement are usually exempted from tax so long as the recipient doesn’t control the funds.

3) Structured Settlement Funds are Managed By Professionals

In most states; the law requires that funds stemming from structured settlements be managed by financial experts. And with proper financial planning, the beneficiary can be sure to have adequate funds to cater for their future expenses.

4) Specific Needs and Future Demands or Contingencies of The Beneficiary May Be Taken into Account

During the negotiation process, the payer and the payee may agree on a long-term settlement payment plan that covers the payee’s specific needs and all manner of future contingencies or demands.

5) Guaranteed Regular Payments

One of the amazing things about structured settlements or annuities is the fact that they are normally protected by state insurance regulations such that when the insurer becomes bankrupt, their obligations will be covered. So you can have a peace of mind knowing that the regular payments are guaranteed no matter what.

There are many other benefits of these sorts of compensations or rewards to the beneficiary including some particular annuity benefits.

If you are considering a structured settlement in your settlement negotiation, it’s important that you involve a specialized consultant to help you through the process.

A company such as True Vision Funding can be a great way to secure long-term financial benefits in terms of compensations or rewards. Serving clients from all the 50 US States, the company’s goal is to assist structured settlement annuitants to realize their financial dreams. And if you want to convert your structured settlement payments into a lump sum amount of cash, still they are your company of choice.

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Reasons for Selling your Structured Settlement

No two people are exactly the same when it comes to selling structured settlement payments. You must ask yourself what the purpose is of selling your periodic payment stream for a lump sum of cash. Selling payments is an extremely important and personal decision that you need to feel comfortable with before making a transaction. Not only must you be comfortable with your reason to sell your structured settlement payments, the judge approving your transfer must also be made comfortable that you are making a wise financial decision.

Many annuitants feel trapped due the original set-up of their structured settlement annuity. What may have made sense 10 years ago may no longer meet the needs for an annuitant today. Selling structured settlement payments can be difficult and even overwhelming without professional guidance.

Some of the most common reasons for selling annuities include paying for an education, starting a business, purchasing a home or an investment property, and planning for the future. No matter what your reasons are for selling your payments, you should consult with a financial professional. If annuity payments are transferred incorrectly, there can be adverse tax consequences.

If you’ve looked at other options and feel confident that selling your payments is right for you, it’s imperative that you work with a company who truly has your best interest at heart. Several lump sum companies have reportedly been treating their clients poorly. Companies intentionally miscommunicate dollar amounts, and even misrepresent themselves all for their own profit. It’s highly important that you work with an honest company who will take care of you throughout the entire financial process.

In closing, each annuitant’s reason for selling their structured settlement payments is extremely personal. No matter what your circumstances might be, an industry expert should be involved with the process. Consult with a lump sum company like True Vision Funding to learn how the process works and decide if it’s right for you.

Selling Structured Settlement Payments

4 Common Mistakes made Selling Structured Settlement Payments

Finding it difficult to make ends meet before your next structured settlement payment hits the bank? Well, you’re not alone. Actually, many structured settlement payees have a hard time living off their periodic payment stream.

This is understandable considering life has a way of throwing financial road blocks at us when we least expect it! What do you d0 as an annuitant when you need to sell structured settlement payments as quickly as possible?

  1. First, it’s important to make sure you actually need to sell your payments. Many structured settlement annuitants won’t take the time to look into other financial options other than selling their payments. This is a major mistake because your annuity is an ill-liquid asset that needs to be treated with care. This leads us to our next pitfall.
  2. Make sure you have a sincere motivation to sell. Every transfer of structured settlement payments must be approved in court. The courts look at every transaction on its own set of facts, but if you don’t present the judge with a true vision as to why you want to sell your funds, your transaction could be in jeopardy.
  3. Another mistake to watch out for is misrepresenting yourself and/or your payment stream to the lump sum company helping you transfer your payments. Not only does this create unnecessary confusion, but it will also severely decelerate the process time of getting money into your pockets.
  4. While misrepresenting yourself will slow down the processes of getting you paid, it’s just as important to deal with a company that takes excellent care of you. Remember, this is YOUR money that you’re selling. If you feel that the company can’t meet its obligations to you and/or is unfriendly, move on to another company that will. Don’t settle for being treated like a number or being neglected and ignored during this crucial time.

True Vision Funding

At True Vision Funding we provide more than just a simple quote for your payments, we offer a financial assessment that’s tailored made to meet your needs. With over 80 years of combined experience True Vision Funding is a safe and useful resource when selling your structured settlement, lottery, and or casino jackpot payments.

Access YOUR cash when YOU need it!

When you or your family needs to gain access to your structured settlement payments in the form of a lump sum of cash, True Vision Funding is your go-to resource. To learn more about how True Vision Funding can help you, contact us at 301-537-7916 or send us an email at