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True Vision Funding

Gaithersburg, MD, March 1, 2017 --(PRWeb.com)-- Today, True Vision Funding LLC (TVF), a leader in the financial services sector and Structured Settlements, announced the formation of a new division for the purchase of sports and music entertainment contracts, including the NFL – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) being a main focus.

Clinton Portis, former Washington Redskins running back and supporter for TVF echoed his sentiments. "As an ex-NFL player, I believe it's important for us to protect our futures. Head trauma has serious consequences among my peers in many cases. Through more education and studies, it's imperative for the future of NFL players and retirees to always be protected from an unknown disparity that may impact their future lives after the game."

"Due to my personal relationships with professional athletes. I understand the financial challenges professional athletes and artist face. Our company is uniquely qualified to help sports and entertainment professionals gain access to their funds. What separates True Vision Funding,” said TVF Founder, Aji Eapen, “is our world class personalized service while respecting confidentiality. The attributes that separate us from our competitors will translate well into the sports and entertainment sectors."

Tarun Mehta, at Alliance One Marketing, says, "True Vision Funding has been a preeminent figure in the settlement industry and has helped hundreds of clients access funds at reasonable rates. In a volatile industry, TVF represents a stabilizing force that gives comfort to their clients and credibility. "

TVF understands that parties may receive periodic payments in the form of Structured Settlements from an array of sources, which includes varying circumstances; ranging from a personal injury settlement to music royalties and sports contracts. The TVF team has a proven track record with a trusted approach of helping individuals gain financial freedom.

TVF is here to tailor the perfect transaction and give their clients the financial freedom they deserve.

About True Vision Funding, LLC

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, True Vision Funding, LLC (TVF) is a nationally recognized financial services firm that purchases structured settlement payments from individuals and offers one-time payments to lottery winners nationwide. TVF has proven itself as an industry leader in providing transparency with our customer focused services. For more information call 855-505-9258 or info@truevsionfunding.com; visit www.truevisionfunding.com


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True Vision Funding

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