Structure Settlements

It's not exactly a one-size-fits-all process, so you need an experienced company that provides you with sophisticated, individualized solutions.


Bills, rent or mortgages, and other living expenses can quickly pile up and you'll need cash before the final ruling comes. That's where pre-settlement funding comes in.

Lottery & Prize Winning

Why should you have to wait for it? By selling your prize to True Vision Funding, you can obtain a lump sum payout to get your money when you want it.

About Us

TRUE VISION FUNDING is more than just a quote, it’s one financial assessment away from reaching personal goals, wiping out debt, and realizing dreams.

True Vision Funding is a leading purchaser of structured settlement payments, lottery payments, and casino jackpot payments for a lump sum of cash. With over 10 years of combined specific industry experience, True Vision Funding is a company you can’t afford not working with!

  • Get more money
  • Faster processing
  • Higher approvals
  • Great support


True Vision Funding was able to get me a way better deal than any of their competitors. They even took the time before my court date to come across the country to meet me and explain how the process works. I most definitely recommend True Vision to anyone looking to get the most cash in as little time possible. Thank you True Vision Funding


I really enjoyed working with True Vision. I got a call from them when I was in the process of working with another company. They took the time to listen to me and get to know me and why I needed the money from the transaction. They even came out to explain everything to me in person. I would recommend True Vision to anyone looking to sell there annuity payments


TrueVision Funding came out to see me and made sure I was comfortable with the transaction I was doing. They were able to get me a way better value than any other competitor and the company I worked with before them. They are great and I would definitely recommend them. Thank you TrueVision Funding!


I was working with another company when I received a call from TrueVision. The other company blew up my phone until I signed with them and then I didn’t hear from them any more. True Vision explained the process better to me so I decided to switch with them and they gave me more money. But it wasn’t about just the money. The other company came back and tried to offer me more. Did they think I was a fool? Where was that extra money to begin with? I stayed with TrueVision and they made sure that I was prepped for court and I got my money and opened my business. When I need more cash I am definitely going back to TrueVision and recommend them to anyone going for a lump sum of cash.


I have done 2 sales in the past both with the same company, but i will not be doing my 3rd with that company. I will be doing my 3rd with TrueVision because with the first 2 i felt like that company didn’t care about me. They only cared about themselves and making a “quick buck”. TrueVision actually will make you feel like a real person and not just another dollar sign or statistic for the book. TrueVision will have an actual conversation with you and talk to you throughout the process all the way to the moment you get your money. they might not be as big as some of the other companies, but they are definitely better. It is also nice to be working with the same two great people throughout the whole process.


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